Textual Media Portfolio

The final project for Textual Media is a reflective portfolio of what you consider to be your best, weakest, and most representative work done this semester. The goal is for you to chart your own intellectual progress throughout the semester and to evaluate your growing understanding of textuality, new media, and the tensions and synergies between the two.

The portfolio will not be electronic; you will print everything out and hand it in, either stapled or in a manila folder. There will be several components to your completed portfolio:


  1. Write a brief narrative in which you introduce yourself. Who are you, why did you take this class, how do you see it fitting in with your overall college education?
  2. Briefly elaborate on what you had hoped to gain from the class. Be honest: there is no need to write what you think I want to hear.


  1. Read through all of the blog posts you’ve made this semester. You can find an author archive here:
  2. Select what you think are your two strongest posts. Reprint the posts in your portfolio. Below each one, write a paragraph explaining what makes it a strong post. What criteria did you use to judge the post? Use excerpts and specific phrases from your post to illustrate your evaluation.
  3. Select what you think are your two weakest posts. Reprint them in your portfolio. Below each one, write a paragraph analyzing why it is a weak post. What do you wish you had written in your post instead?

Media Analyses

  1. Read through your three media analyses.
  2. For each analysis, find one paragraph that best represents your analytical work. Reprint the paragraph in your portfolio. Below it, explain your criteria for choosing this paragraph. What makes it a good example of analysis? How do you know it’s a good analysis? Do the same for each media analysis.
  3. Select your best overall analysis. Write a short introduction to it, explaining why you like it and what its merits are.


  1. What do the contents of this portfolio say about you as a writer and as a thinker? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. As you read through all your written work for the semester, did you come across any surprises? Were there things you had learned in the class that you had already forgotten?
  3. Finally, which new media concepts this semester seem to resonate most deeply with you? What ideas or texts do you see yourself coming back to again sometime in the future?
Your portfolio is due by noon on Thursday, December 15, 2005.
Place it in my mailbox in 487 Robinson A.