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March 31st, 2008 evitoff

I have been writing this Inquiry 3 bit by bit, and it has made me think about our discussion in class the other day.  The more I look at the game and think about it and what Lebonne had to say about it, the more I want to clarify/change my mind about part of what I was saying in class the other day.  When we were talking about the idea of glorifying terrorists and school shooters and such, I was like, “bahh!” because I can’t stand the idea of justifying such senseless and unthinkable actions.  I know nobody in the class was doing this.  But to me, it is never quite clear where Lebonne stands with this.  The last paragraph of his “statement” on the game’s site, he calls Harris and Klebold canaries in the mine.  Does this mean that Ledonne thinks that the direction of Harris and Klebold is the direction that the country is heading as a whole?

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Anyway, writing this paper has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would.  And I have discovered that if Ledonne’s goal was to create discourse and make people think about the events and what really caused them, then he has succeeded with me.  I have put so much thought over the past couple days into what could possibly drive high school kids to such action.  The main point that I have discovered (which I am in the middle of trying to word as articulately and academically as possible in the paper as we speak) is that it is ridiculous to think that Marylin Manson or the game Doom should be looked at as primary reasons that the events occurred.  I think the purpose of the realia in the game is to emphasize that things like isolation from peers, loud music, and shooting games were parts of their lives, but were in no way direct reasons that the shootings happened.  I may not agree with Ledonne on much, but I concede that he has achieved his goal, at least in my case.  His game has really made me think about the Columbine tragedy like never before.

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