Tarzan, Africa, and Cellphones

After writing Thursday's post about the August 25, 2005 NYT article on soaring cellphone use in Africa, I got the urge to reread Tarzan. It must have been this memorable line from journalist Sharon LaFraniere's article: On a continent where some remote villages still communicate by beating drums, cellphones are a technological revolution akin to… Continue reading Tarzan, Africa, and Cellphones

Cellphones in Africa (New York Times article)

There's an article in the Times about the amazing popularity of cellphones in Africa. Factually, the data is quite amazing: between 1999 and 2004, the number of subscribers to mobile phone services increased at an annual rate averaging 58 percent. There are now nearly 77 million cellphone subscribers in Africa, up from just 7.5 million… Continue reading Cellphones in Africa (New York Times article)