we discussed it in class a little but i wanted to expand upon the idea that our society has moved more and more away from binary and how it has positively influenced our society.

feminism and queer theory have led to the breakdown of male/man and female/woman and straight or gay. now, gender is not correlated to sex but divided into a wide spectrum of gender identity and orientation. while american was founded on the binary of whites, non-whites, anthropologist and biologist have shown that race doesn’t exist more than a social concept. since religion has played a smaller and smaller role in our society we no longer have the binary idea of right and wrong in the same way as we did when morality was based on sin. in every action or reaction there is grey area and we examine the reason behind the action, the effects of the action, and the meaning of the action until deciding what degree of right or wrong it is.

i’ve even found myself personally not using yes or no but usually rating things on a 1-10 scale, whether it be the spiciness of food, my enjoyment of something, or my wish to do something.

probably the only thing that is binary anymore is computer program. what does this mean…or what can i make this mean? to many [myself included], computers represent a certain amount of artificiality, whether it be with communication or authenticity of production or human relationships. one could on one hand use this to say that binary implies artificiality though it would take some fancy word play to correlate the onoff onoff of electricity with our need to divide things into one of two categories when they’d fit more naturally on a spectrum. other way to analyze it is through the idea of the cyborg and how this artificiality is similar to people needing to define themselves in any area of their life in order to be part of the culture.