from the information given, i’ve been trying to figure out what zamora’s role in the hoaxing of the tribe and the scandal. paz talks about him being criticized for hoaxing the tribe as an excuse for him to help the president search for rebels in the jungle but if we look at the text and pay attention to the narrative point of view.

when we’re first introduced to the tribe and his discovery it’s in first person point of view which means it is zamora talking to us [the reader] and choosing what information he wants to give us. the structure of the narrative at this point allows our entire perspective of the narrative to be created by one man.

we are given a more fair perspective when witnessing zamora’s conversation with the president. we are neither given his, nor the president’s perspective but that of the bodyguards in the room. judging by the situation, we aren’t led to believe that [i forget his name and am out of town so i don’t have the book on me] would be lying to the reader. he doesn’t benifit by giving us false information about two other characters who he seems to be detached from.

because of this, i believe zampano really was innocent in the way that he didn’t know he was being used by the president. in fact, he was surprised the president was willing to not only help him but put him in charge, but as it goes, he was blamed for his unknown involvement.

as for hoaxing the tribe, there are parts when we are given his relationship to the tribe with either third person narrative or the voice of another character and it doesnt come across as a hoax on his part. if anything, he was decieved by [……]. the tribe only exists of 25 people, no one from the other islands have heard of them, their language is very similar to [……] and only he communicates with them. if anything, it was a way for him to get supplies and publicity and the hoax was no fault of zamora.