Inquiry #3

Postmodern Form and Narrative in New Media

Select one of these new media texts to explore/play/read thoroughly:

For your investigation, attempt to isolate one formal element of the text. This could be a visual, textual, or sonic element: one screen you arrive at, one movement you go through, one sound you hear, one embedded game you play, one block of text you read, and so on. If your text “moves” too quickly to isolate any single element, then focus on a discrete, related, series of elements.

In a 400-500 word response, address these questions: What element did you look at, and why? What is significant about this element? That is, what does this element, by itself, mean? Consider how the element’s form influences, shapes, and limits its meaning. Finally, how does this element relate to (or not relate to) the larger body of the work? How does it contribute to the larger theme or “message” of the work. Use concrete examples (specific images, phrases, etc.) from the work in your response.