Final Research Paper


The final research paper is a 10-12 page project that requires you to frame and sustain an argument about a postmodern text, and place that argument within the broader cultural conversation about the text you are studying. This research paper is due May 6.

Your specific topic is up to you, but it should in some way build on the work we’ve done in ENGL 660, either directly, by writing about one of the novels we’ve read, or indirectly, by researching some text related to postmodernism. I use the word “text” loosely. For our purposes, a text might be a novel, a film, a television show, a performance, a museum, a work of art, a videogame, and so on.

Your paper should make an interesting, original argument about the text(s) you have chosen. By “argument” I mean a claim or coherent set of claims that require persuasive evidence. It should be an argument that is not instantly obvious. In other words, if everyone would agree with your argument, then it’s not an argument, but rather, a description.

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