Digital libraries and Digital stuff

     Various things went through my head as I read the Wired article and played with the archive. One, it talked about digitizing books. I took a history class last year and tried to get cliff notes of a book. The notes were either not sold at the stores I was looking for them at or were not in print anymore. I ended up actually getting a digital copy of the notes. Bookstore may someday become a relic of the past if books are eventually only published in digital form. The article made me think back to a story on tv about there possibly being a like online university or something similiar to that in the future on the internet. 

     After reading the Wired article, I went to the archive. I played aound with it for a while. I looked up various terms. Some of things I looked up were "climbing,"  "dance," "capoeira," and "contact improvisation." I came across various videos. I was not expecting to come across an video with eastern indian dance. I watched it because I had taken a semester of indian dance. There are a lot of videos on the archive. Not all the search results were accessible.  One to something had basically being reviewed by "Million Book Project." Maybe they are having copyright issue with it at this time and can’t display it. 

     The article and the archive are all about digital material. I am a trained musician in this digital age. One thing I have thought would be cool is to have is a digital music stand. In an orchestra, the conductor could write things into the music on the podium onto the music directly that would be seen by the rest of the musicians on their stands. The musicians could do the same and write stuff individually on their music. I am sure the technology for this idea exists but it would be expensive. I also own a composing program where I can save my music it’s written form as a webpage. An audible music file can be played as the music is looked at. Bascially, the day I write something, I can put it on the internet if I want to. However, I would only do this on music I don’t plan to try to make money on. Anything important / that I put a lot of work into, I would probably copyright before putting it online.