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Hey everybody here is my media analysis.

My analysis reflects my experience in caving, climbing, and scuba over the years. You’ll get to see some pics of me from when I was active in scuba and climbing.  

Well, it’s been a fun class. I will miss this class. I’ve enjoyed everybody’s company this semester. I have never had a class where I was assigned to play video games and read comic books for homework. My family and friends are jealous of me. Then there was watching Sex Ed. videos from the the 50’s which was amusing. Anyways feel free to drop me a line anytime at , (I’m a graduating senior this spring. So, I may be losing access to the mason acccount in a little while. So, send to both the mason and hotmail accounts if you send me an email). There is always of course AIM which I’m addicted to.  My screen name is "RenaissanceCaver"  Hit me up anytime.

Take care, Happy Holidays, Party On! , Good luck on finals!


Media Analysis #3

Professor Sample,

My third media analysis can be found here —

I was having some issues with the links in my analysis, however.  If you have problems going to the pages that the links send you to — such as a very slow response — hit stop, then click somewhere in the address bar and hit "enter."  I do not know why this is happening.  I spent a long time trying to figure out why this would be happening but I still can’t figure it out.  The links are links back to the Alcatraz site, and I do not know what may be causing this. 

The article we read this week

     The article we read this week talked about how data and information is lost due loss various reasons. One if these is that as technology advances one format that data  can be read can not be read by later technology or software. This made me think about my work as a composer and arranger. I compose and arrange on a program called Sibelius. It is a great program to compose in because of how user friendly it is. I hate writing music by hand. It is tedious and takes forever. This is especially true if you write for an orchestra. If I write something for an orchestra in Sibelius, I can easily print out individual parts for instruments to be given to the musicians. I don’t have to rewrite the instrument parts of the score like they used to in the old days of Bach or like Beethoven.   Sibelius gives me a realistic idea of how the music will sound before I have it played live.  

      One of the down sides Sibelius and composing programs is that they keep changing and are released in newer versions. If I open a score I made in an older version of Sibelius in another version that is newer, I get a message from the program. It may have to be changed to new format something in order for it to be opened. What if someday the newer versions will not open my older scores I wrote in the older versions? This worries me some. In addition my computer with the older version of Sibelius is older. When I figure out how, I will think I will try to copy all my older scores onto a CD that I can open on my newer computer that has later version of Subelius. I don’t want to lose my work of previous compositions in the past due to the constant change and advances in technology. This is a reason why it’s a good idea to print hard copies of music in addition to having digital versions if you’re composer or arranger.