American Memory and Hanging out with my historian friend

     The material I looked at deepest on the American Memory website was a selection of spirituals. I have studied various spirituals with my vocal teacher. I looked through the scanned music of these pieces. Maybe I could actually use some of these pieces in my study of voice with him or pieces from another database like it! I actually found a piece called Deep River which I studied in the past on the archive. I like spirituals because they have a lot of "soul and depth" to them. I have found in my study of voice that opera can be overly zealous and fancy. There can be more emphasis in opera on vocal virtualosity than actually singing with heart. 
     After class, I hanged out with some friends. My friend Steve is a Masters of History student at Mason. We talked about in class about how historians use archives for research and study. Steve is living this currently in his Master’s studies. He and I talked about the use of google and databases. He talked about how there are other databases you can use besides google. He showed me one called Heritage West ( and the "Internet Movie Archive" ( We tried to get into the Prelinger Archives from the movie archive but had problems. There was maybe a problem at the server of the archives or a connnection problem with the DSL connection we had. Not everything at the National Archives or Library of Congress is digitized. Steve will be doing research at the National Archives. He told me at the National Archives that they let you take digital pictures of the material you are looking at. So, we went off and looked for a digital camera that night. We went to Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. He ended up not buying one that night and probably will borrow a friends for the weekend. Eventually, I think he will buy one. Well, that it’s for this posting. Time to get ready for a weekend of gluttony, drinking, and time with friends & family  hehe….  

         Happy Turkey Weekend Everybody!