Wes Shephard-Reflection of incipits

For this assignment i first read Ann Luu’s story.  I would first like to say that the suspense that was present in this story was very strong, she kept the reader very in the dark until the end of the story.  As far as the choices for links went they were fairly simple and strait forward.  I dont think they added to the story, but they didnt really take away from it either.  I suppose that she could have linked the words as they were expressed in the story to more relative links.  For example she could have linked "tickets" to a link about boat tickets, since that is the kind of ticket in the story.  The second story I read was by Bryan Pierson.  This story was also very enjoyable to read, and its cut off point left the reader unsatisified with not really knowing what happened, or if he really did it.  The links that are present within Bryan’s text are not really relative to the story at all, but this does not necessarily take away from the story, it actually lightens it up a bit and contrasts what you might expect.  For example when i clicked the word sliced within his text i was expecting to see some bloody body, intead i saw a cartoon image of sliced bread, it was a interesting surprise. 

Wes Shephard-In Class Blog

The methodology that i used to choose my links was fairly simple.  First i looked at words within my text that i thought would be interesting or eye appealing to search.  Once I had chosen my words, i googled them and checked the outcomes for the one i felt was best.  I guess i wanted them to be as simple as they could be so they would be appealing to every person that experienced them.  My favorite link is the one for the word Philadelphia; for this link i chose to like a picture of the city skyline becuase it is where much of my family is located and the Philadelphia skyline brings back fond memories.  For September i chose to link a picture of a space image of the Pentagon after 9-11; i did this because when most people think of 9-11 they think of New York, I feel that the Pentagon should be remembered just as much.  For the word drive i linked the BMW website, their slogan has been "the ultimate driving machine" for many years and it was the first thing that popped into my head as i was doing this project, plus i love the cars.  For the word puppy I linked a picture of a Newfoundland Dog because this is my absolute favority dog in teh world and i hope to get one soon, and picture was just so damn cute.  I feel i was very successful in my project, i was not trying to get tricky or deep, i was just trying to show some good images and express some of my loves into the project, and, honestly, i simply wanted to complete it in a reasonable amount of time!!

War and Calvino

I was doing some research on Calvino and read that he was part of the Italian resistance during WWII. I also read that he was involved in many “fantasy” writings earlier in his career, or before our current book. My question is do you think that going through war; especially at a time when war was much more hands on and brutal,( not that it isnt brutal now), had any psychological influence into why Calvino writes the way he does. I cant imagine any truly sane person being able to write as he does, do you think that if he had not been part of the resistance that he would be the same writer, did what he saw and what he experienced change him forever and bring something out in him that might not have been able to escape. We were talking about tormented writers in the last class and how one is either tormented or productive. It is my oponion that Calvino was both, but only because of his experiences during the 40’s. Would he be the same writer, was he the same writer before the war, did the war turn him from simply a productive writer to a tormented and productive writer? I suppose its impossible to tell, but interesting to ponder. Wes