Lexia and Bomar

      Lexia to perplexia is very preplexing.  The work was created by using fragments of written, book bound text about hypertext, or computer language, then coupled with images and links to form different lexia.  Other than trying to confuse the readers of this peice, i feel the author is attempting to demonstrate the vast opportunities that cyber lexia have over paper pages.  The author often takes normal words, such as exe.stream to form words, making the pharses look like computer language.  The use of connecting lines and tiangles seems to represent the connections that the lexia form, demonstrating the accessabliity prowise that the internet has over books, but also the confusion that unorganized hypertext can create.
       The Bomer Gene experiment is great.  It tells us that each of us possesses a gene in which nobody else has.  These genes, though rarely recognized adn utilized can help people to create works that nobody else has ever imagined, they help us to make our mark on the world.  Some however never get realized becuase of sudden death at birth, or simply because they are useless.  This site explores many individuals that have, or have not fully explored their Bomer Genes.  Each lexia attempts to describe what each person has realized about their own abilities.  The entire project itself is almost the authors realization of his own Bomer Gene.  The messages at the bottom of the screen are random phrases, phrases that most likely nobody else has ever said before.  They demonstrate that even the simplest originality can be considered utilizing your Bomer Gene, which in the end turns out to be your individual personality as a whole.
       Both sites use images, moving and changing multimedia, and lexia to create their sites.  Each has differnt buttons to press, each that result in differnt actions.  I think each points out that the turning of a page is soon becoming useless in our lives.  That soon all reading will adn explanations could be done with the clikc of a mouse.  But I think by comparing them, we can see that the time for that to happen is far off, complexity may get into the way for now, as in the case of Lexia to Perplexia, or complexity can aid in understanding, as in the Bomer Gene. They each challenge meaning in their own different ways.  Lexia to Perplexia challenges meaning by completely destroying it as far as i can see.  The Bomer Gene challenges the meaning of what exactly is unique by pointing out that anything original, any sequence of images or words never seen before is representative of the Bomer Gene. 

Poem by Wes



African American

People all together

Men, Women, Juveniles, Even Infants

I’m a person

I’m back to chill

Now and then

Incredible energy

Need to play low key

Looking to be platonic


Buddy anything

Nice to meet

to know

Screwing focused


normal kids get at me

dont be specific


dont discriminate

theres no need to be embarrassed

dont worry.

Here is website  http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/w4m/110084733.html

Does “Wordcount” tell us something?

I was pondering just how much information "wordcount" could tell us about our current state of things.  That is, what the ranks of opposite words, and their use frequency, can tell us about our society.  For instance the words love and hate.  Does the fact that love has a rank of 384, and hate has a rank of 3107, tell us that we are more loving, or does it tell us that more people who write are practicing the romantic side of this art.  Does the fact that war is ranked 304 and peace is ranked 1155 tell us that more people are interested in war, or that this makes sense, seeing as how the world is constantly at war.  Man is ranked 142, and woman is ranked 393, does this tell us that man is more important than woman?  Or perhaps that man is more corrupt and therefore has more things written about him.  When you read the section "about wordcount"  the creator claims that much can be learned about our culture from this experimental project.  I feel that by looking at the rank of certain words, and their opposites, that a great deal can be uncovered about our society.  Girl is ranked 616 and boy is ranked 735, the frequency is reversed as maturity sets in, and the real workings of the world come into play, or just a strange, unimportant, and laughable point? 


I must say that this story has me very confused.  Once you get to the end of one part of this CD, you must randomely click on words until you see a lexia that you have not read before.  Im not sure if these are simply a bunch of short stories mixed together, or if they are all connected to the first story; the one about Wert and Peter.  In any case i chose to start at the lexia that is titled "monsters".

At the beginning of this section we hear some very vulgar and descriptive language from Peter.  Once we arrive at this lexia the narrator, who at this point is Nausicaa i believe?  In this lexia we learn about the insecrurities that Peter has as a man, and they misunderstandings he has of normal male behavior.  He is unable to understand why certain men value property, ownership, commerce, and power.  Peters mind simply does not work in that way, that is why he fears Wert, because Wert does think in this way.  Wert is aware of how the world REALLY works, and knows how to make it work for him.  In tnis lexia is the first mention of Dataquest.  Though i know this is some kindof voice automated system that is later learned to attempt to gain information about the injured boy in the car accident, im still very hazy on exactly what it is used for.  For that reason chose to click on this word "Dataquest" to see where it would take me. 

After clicking "Dataquest" i was directed to the page titled "scars".  This page directs us a small writing about a plastic surgeon who could have fitted Lolly’s last "dick biting" victim with a prosthetic penis, i think that is what this page is about.  Instead this unfortunate soul decides to mark himself in ways that will thwart other females from finding him attractive.  Putting what i believe are described as large rings and hooks into his left ear, perhaps im completely off base.  The next word i chose to click on was the word "spinners", as in the types of earings that this unfortunate man has been putting into his ear. 

Clicking on "spinners" directed me to a page titled "Obligations".  In this Lexia it appears as if Lolly is sitting down with a male patient, perhaps this is why it is called obligations, since we have learned that Lolly does not particularly like to deal with men.  She is asking her gentelman patient, or perhaps scolding him, for his prior statements.  She is comparing men with women, in terms of how they understand authentic speech, telling the man that reciting poems will draw attention to what authentic speech should be.  We can see that she is annoyed with this man, but we are still not sure she is capable of biting off his penis.  The next word i click on is "dazzle".

By clicking on "dazzle" I am directed to the page that should have come after "monsters" if i were simply clicking on the Y button.  The new page is "self-destruction".  This page takes us to a random place, a place that talks about the plot of Daughter of Frankenstein.  How Frankenstein comes to live with an old blind man and his daughter.  The daughter treats the monster with kindness, but eventually the villagers hunt him down and murder him. 

Im must say that I am very bewildered at this entire story.  I could not see the connections very well, or what some lexia had to do with the other.  Monsters, Scars, Obligations, Self Destruction, these are the connecting lexia that my four word choices have given me.  How they are related to the title is very difficult for me to say.  Perhaps it refers to Lolly extending her meetings with clients to deep into the afternoon, perhaps after noon is when all the bad things in the story begin to happen, i really have no idea, I just could not get a grasp on this story and i am very frustrated with it.


http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/hgs/HGS011.html First Link

http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/hgs/HGS025.html Second Link

http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/hgs/HGS045.html Third Link

The first link in the series that I have chosen deals with different meanings and uses of the word "one".  Actually, it only deals with the meaning in the sense of "one" being a number, and the sense of "one" being the word used for a singular person. 

One does not eat oysters with a spoon
One carries nothing to extremes
One thought fills immensity
One of anything is never enough
One is the name of truth
One for me and one for you
One signals faithfully across the void
One is the number of my true love’s heads 

This sort of poem has four links surrounding it "The One", "The Two", "The Singular", and "The Only".  For this assignment I decided I would choose the link that contained the word that first appeared in the content of the page.  For this page I chose the link "The One" because "one" is the first word that appears.  From this page I was directed to a page that "Catalog of Dreams #401".  Obviously the title has the number "one" in it, our first relevency to the last page.  This link is about a single red rock that has saved the world.  This simple red rock is containted in a cartoon landscape created by George Herriman, a famous pioneer cartoonist, as I found out.  In this landscape there are cacti, mesas, and clouds, but they all have no color.  Only this simple red rock has color; copper, rust, gold, and many others that make up this red rock.  The reason that this rock has saved the world is because a man named Hearst, who i later concluded would have to be William Randolph Hearst, has become intrigued by this rock.  Heast was a man who created a communications empire, an empire that was becoming so large that it threatened to be a monopoly over the entire nation, and eventually the world.  The problem is that he because he was so enthralled with the color of this rock, that Herriman had created, Hearst spent much of his money on trying to develop a new color theory.  What "color theory" means i am not exactly sure of, but it stunted the growth of his communications empire because he spent so much money in doing so, therefore the rock saved the world. 

Now, how does this related to the last page?  Well, the first connection we see is that the number "1" appears in the title.  One could also be referring to George Herriman as the "one" who saved teh world by creating the red rock.  One could also be connecting to Hearst, as the "one" who is threatening the world by creating a vast communications monopoly.  I think it refers to that "one" red rock amidst all the other whites and blanks that has created the reason for Hearst to become enthralled and has saved the world.  However you look at it, there are a number, no pun intended, of connections with the first page to the second. 

The links that outline the second page are as follows "farbenlehre", "red", "rock", and "black and white".  Sticking with my first word choice link preference, I chose the link "red" because the first word in the text of the second page is "red".  Upon clicking this link we notice immediately that our text is in the color RED, our first relevance to our last page.  The title of this new page is "Hark! Teh Mystery Looms".  This page tells the story of a woman Hattie Malloy, enchantress of the outland sea.  A failed Disney movie of some sorts.  And what color does this enchantress have? RED.  so there is our second link to the second page.  As we read on we see a connection to the first page in the line "Your chances of connecting to this dream are about one in the Sahara Desert".  This refers to the fact that this story has been locked in the vaults of Disney, and you will never be able to see it, it really sounds like a line that could be in the first page poem.  This is however the only link to the first page that I was able to find.   Other links more hidden that connect two to three are as follows…  The talk of Disney, which as we all know is a cartoon empire, perhaps George Herriman, a cartoonist, once worked for Disney and pioneered the beginning of that company.  Another link that can be made is that Disney went on to become one of the most influential empires to exist in this country, perhaps an empire that Hearst would have been jealous of in his life. 

Hegirascope goes on to prove that anything can be connected in this hypertext environment.  Whether it be linked by a number, profession, name, color, anything can connect two pages in hypertext.  Some links are more obvious than others, but still they are connected in the exact same way.  As in our lives, each decision that we make can be connected to other decisions.  Of course our days our connected to each other because we cannot escape our bodies or minds, but it is the decisions that connect those days that make it so unique.  Every person in the world can be connected in some way, it might not be as small as five degrees, but eventually we are all connected, just like hypertext.

Evil Comics

I was pondering, in a very cynical way, what purpose comics serve in todays newspapers.  I began to think of all the conspiracy theories that comics could possible be hiding.  Perhaps comics are playing on the short attention spans that, according to every ADD commercial, Americans seem to have these days.  Now i know comics have been around for a while in the papers, but thats not to say that ADD hasnt been either.  Perhaps the people in charge, GOVERNMENT, realized long ago that by putting a "funny" page into the papers, that may or may not inform the people of corrupt and evil doings by those who are "looking out for us", that they could get by with a few things.  Perhaps they realized that instead of giving the people the choice of reading just the important news, that they would give us the choice of instead of dumbing ourselves down by reading comics.  How many of us actually read the paper, i know i dont, and how many of us read the whole paper, not many i assume.  So by playing on our short attention spans as Americans, they take up some of our precious reading time, for those who do pick up the paper, by giving us another alternative to what is really going on, and instead we learn what snoopy is up to, and not Mr. Bush.  Most likely its just a simple marketing plan to get people who might not buy the paper to do so in order to read the funnies, but its still interesting to ponder.  Im a frim believer that whatever nasty and awful things you can think of, even though you might not consider acting on them, there is always a person who has thought of the same things, and will act on them.  Maybe im just paranoid, i know i am, but its still interesting. Wes


I have to admit that i am not one for video games in the first place, let alone a video game that has no go carts or flying turtle shells.  I found Galatea to be a interesting piece of art though, its creator was in fact very creative.  I found one question that i asked her to be especially interesting.  When i asked her about her eyes she responded by saying that he [Cyprus] drilled into the corners of her face.  She always thought he was going to drill too deeply, but never did.  This struck me because it exposed Galatea as non-human, more so than she would like to admit.  She was not in fact Galatea until he had created her in her entirety.  Im not really what the point of this game is, it seems as if it is simply a tool for the bored.  I can understand it as a work of art, it envokes imagination, interest, and questions, but all of those dont outweight the sheer boredom i experience when i play them.