what’s with the title of the story? does it refer to the navidson house or truants house or is what it is referring to not even a house in general.

the passage quoted in the book that may or may not be an actual quote but if it is i don’t really care on page 25 reads: “‘uncanniness also means “not being at home.'” [first off, this is an example of  just how stupid and overplayed literary criticism analysis is because every word in the sentence except one is a quotation which means the thought isn’t even heidegger’s but he just likes to pretend it’s his idea] house is a physical structure where as home is a place where one can call there own and feels safe and protected. so, a house may not always be a home.

this is true for navidson, truant, and presumably zampano. the feeling of uncanniness is that their houses do not feel like homes, they don’t feel safe within their own space but it is as if their house has been invaded.

sheets of paper are sometimes called leaved of paper. truant’s home has become the navidson record. he completely loses himself within it and it fills his living space in the pages, painted on the walls, in the locks added to his door and the measuring tape nailed to the floor. this is all the navidson record manifesting itself within what use to be his home. the “not being at home” of feeling uncanny has changed his home into a house–something cold, strange, and different than what he expected and a place where he doesn’t feel safe.

his life is composed of leaves of paper where the story written on them is uncanny. house instead of home, leaves instead of paper because it is more obscure and another things for people to ponder over. done.