am i that predictable?

when we talked about companies being able to cross reference and find out our taste i was a little skeptical. even though i like a wide range of styles and genres when it comes to music and writing, i’m also very particular about what i read and don’t read. i hadn’t used amazon or any site like that to recommend anything to me before but had relied on advice from friends as to what books and bands i should check out. the same friend wouldn’t always be right about what i would or wouldn’t like and even though i knew i was influenced by those around me, i had made my own decision once given the choices.

i decided to test this theory out and look up some writers on amazon that were often compared to writers i didn’t like and see what it recommended me. my first shot was neil gaiman because he is the only writer that remotely resembles fantasy that i like but all the recommendations were his other works so that didn’t help. i decided to look up ray bradbury because he is one of the few sci-fi writers i enjoy but the recommendations were hg wells and phillip k dick–a classic and my favorite. next i tried kafka thinking a classic would recommend me bad classics [and there are many] but i was told i would like hemmingway and nerval. finally as a last shot i looked up hp lovecraft and finally was given recommendations i wouldn’t like–fantasy and fan fiction.

what does this all say? i hadn’t used one of these things before and i don’t get my ideas of what i should check out by magazine reviews of books and records so i couldn’t be that influenced. except i was probably influenced by those who were and there are only a limited number of authors anyway. all in all it made me feel not like an individual. i think thats what postmondernism is about. feeling part of a mass group but still isolated at the same time.