a hero of not our time

i think janet is the heroine of female man because of her reaction to jael accepting responsibility for there being no men in whileaway. even though the ‘utopia’ janet grew up in doesn’t even realize the idea of men, she still cries and feels grief for jael’s action. the question we must then ask is why? does she feel like in her paradise there is still something lacking that she could never put her finger on? (probably) does she regret that half of a species was wiped out because of radical beliefs that, in many ways resemble her own? (hopefully) does she feel responsible because of their similar genotype? (maybe) did she lean something about men that made their existence seen worthwhile? (who knows?)

she has just realized that the entirety of her existence and life as she knows is a result of nothing other than genocide–it’s much like the reactions of some americans when they learn about native americans and the founding of the country. for some reason she feels responsible for the actions in the past.she realizes her own inadequacies at comprehending what was so bad about men and why they were wiped out and how artificial her life is when it relies on technology and not biology.

in this sense she is a tragic hero and her flaw is being a woman feeling incomplete long after the absense of men should have abolished any form of suffering. jeannine is a tragic hero in the sense that she believes she is unable to escape the role society has laid out for her and joanna is a tragic hero in the sense that, after all her ranting and textualization and stereotyping, sh is left nowhere. sometimes she wants to fulfill gender roles but doesnt know if thats because she wants it, or if she wants it because she is told to want it. she can’t find true happiness with her husband just like she can’t find true happiness with laur because, in her eyes, the world is inherently flawed and since she is unable to fix the entire world, she also feels shes unable to fix her personal life because she feels it relies entirely on the external world.