snooting war

Before even opening this graphic novel, I had my thoughts on what would be inside. I figured, Michael Moore as a graphic novel writer. leftist, elistist perspective on American journalism, American consumerism, American wars, American politics, America, Americans. and just when I thought no one could ever exist at a position further left then someone like Michael Moore, I wasn’t proven wrong. Anthony Lappé is a god. A man who exists outside the realm of left and right. A real objective point-of-view, finally.

well wait. let me adjust my tone. I’ve just noticed that I was about to critique Anthony Lappé and Shooting War within a larger realm than the one that he was critiquing in Shooting War, one containing he and Shooting War as well as Michael Moore, and George Bush, and everyone who drinks lattés at Starbucks while donning American Apparel’s spandex monstrosities. So I guess I can’t really find a way around taking a similar position as Anthony Lappé’s position in Shooting War as author, as author of this post; therefore, I can’t criticize the elistist position that he takes, though I can still call him an elistist.

and a leftist as well, as Shooting War starts off as just another American’s rant about how the American government, businesses, and news stations are all working together to keep the fickle Americans in fear of just about anything and everything, sometimes things not even plausible, so that they will continue to consume…like that report in the 90’s about how the killer bees were on their way to the US. one of the events that never happened and was probably always a hoax…Michael Moore pointed out that one.

But Anthony Lappé and Shooting War are different from Michael Moore and his films. Mostly in that Lappé examines people like Michael Moore and the angry bloggers as being part of the system of American journalism and consumerism. Burns is bought out by a big American news corporation after his apartment, where he used to blog rants about how terrible and money-hungry American news corporations are, is blown up in a terrorist attack. To me, this looks like Lappé’s statement on how people like Moore have gotten rich off of making news about America making news.