I have to admit that i am not one for video games in the first place, let alone a video game that has no go carts or flying turtle shells.  I found Galatea to be a interesting piece of art though, its creator was in fact very creative.  I found one question that i asked her to be especially interesting.  When i asked her about her eyes she responded by saying that he [Cyprus] drilled into the corners of her face.  She always thought he was going to drill too deeply, but never did.  This struck me because it exposed Galatea as non-human, more so than she would like to admit.  She was not in fact Galatea until he had created her in her entirety.  Im not really what the point of this game is, it seems as if it is simply a tool for the bored.  I can understand it as a work of art, it envokes imagination, interest, and questions, but all of those dont outweight the sheer boredom i experience when i play them.