Evil Comics

I was pondering, in a very cynical way, what purpose comics serve in todays newspapers.  I began to think of all the conspiracy theories that comics could possible be hiding.  Perhaps comics are playing on the short attention spans that, according to every ADD commercial, Americans seem to have these days.  Now i know comics have been around for a while in the papers, but thats not to say that ADD hasnt been either.  Perhaps the people in charge, GOVERNMENT, realized long ago that by putting a "funny" page into the papers, that may or may not inform the people of corrupt and evil doings by those who are "looking out for us", that they could get by with a few things.  Perhaps they realized that instead of giving the people the choice of reading just the important news, that they would give us the choice of instead of dumbing ourselves down by reading comics.  How many of us actually read the paper, i know i dont, and how many of us read the whole paper, not many i assume.  So by playing on our short attention spans as Americans, they take up some of our precious reading time, for those who do pick up the paper, by giving us another alternative to what is really going on, and instead we learn what snoopy is up to, and not Mr. Bush.  Most likely its just a simple marketing plan to get people who might not buy the paper to do so in order to read the funnies, but its still interesting to ponder.  Im a frim believer that whatever nasty and awful things you can think of, even though you might not consider acting on them, there is always a person who has thought of the same things, and will act on them.  Maybe im just paranoid, i know i am, but its still interesting. Wes