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The first link in the series that I have chosen deals with different meanings and uses of the word "one".  Actually, it only deals with the meaning in the sense of "one" being a number, and the sense of "one" being the word used for a singular person. 

One does not eat oysters with a spoon
One carries nothing to extremes
One thought fills immensity
One of anything is never enough
One is the name of truth
One for me and one for you
One signals faithfully across the void
One is the number of my true love’s heads 

This sort of poem has four links surrounding it "The One", "The Two", "The Singular", and "The Only".  For this assignment I decided I would choose the link that contained the word that first appeared in the content of the page.  For this page I chose the link "The One" because "one" is the first word that appears.  From this page I was directed to a page that "Catalog of Dreams #401".  Obviously the title has the number "one" in it, our first relevency to the last page.  This link is about a single red rock that has saved the world.  This simple red rock is containted in a cartoon landscape created by George Herriman, a famous pioneer cartoonist, as I found out.  In this landscape there are cacti, mesas, and clouds, but they all have no color.  Only this simple red rock has color; copper, rust, gold, and many others that make up this red rock.  The reason that this rock has saved the world is because a man named Hearst, who i later concluded would have to be William Randolph Hearst, has become intrigued by this rock.  Heast was a man who created a communications empire, an empire that was becoming so large that it threatened to be a monopoly over the entire nation, and eventually the world.  The problem is that he because he was so enthralled with the color of this rock, that Herriman had created, Hearst spent much of his money on trying to develop a new color theory.  What "color theory" means i am not exactly sure of, but it stunted the growth of his communications empire because he spent so much money in doing so, therefore the rock saved the world. 

Now, how does this related to the last page?  Well, the first connection we see is that the number "1" appears in the title.  One could also be referring to George Herriman as the "one" who saved teh world by creating the red rock.  One could also be connecting to Hearst, as the "one" who is threatening the world by creating a vast communications monopoly.  I think it refers to that "one" red rock amidst all the other whites and blanks that has created the reason for Hearst to become enthralled and has saved the world.  However you look at it, there are a number, no pun intended, of connections with the first page to the second. 

The links that outline the second page are as follows "farbenlehre", "red", "rock", and "black and white".  Sticking with my first word choice link preference, I chose the link "red" because the first word in the text of the second page is "red".  Upon clicking this link we notice immediately that our text is in the color RED, our first relevance to our last page.  The title of this new page is "Hark! Teh Mystery Looms".  This page tells the story of a woman Hattie Malloy, enchantress of the outland sea.  A failed Disney movie of some sorts.  And what color does this enchantress have? RED.  so there is our second link to the second page.  As we read on we see a connection to the first page in the line "Your chances of connecting to this dream are about one in the Sahara Desert".  This refers to the fact that this story has been locked in the vaults of Disney, and you will never be able to see it, it really sounds like a line that could be in the first page poem.  This is however the only link to the first page that I was able to find.   Other links more hidden that connect two to three are as follows…  The talk of Disney, which as we all know is a cartoon empire, perhaps George Herriman, a cartoonist, once worked for Disney and pioneered the beginning of that company.  Another link that can be made is that Disney went on to become one of the most influential empires to exist in this country, perhaps an empire that Hearst would have been jealous of in his life. 

Hegirascope goes on to prove that anything can be connected in this hypertext environment.  Whether it be linked by a number, profession, name, color, anything can connect two pages in hypertext.  Some links are more obvious than others, but still they are connected in the exact same way.  As in our lives, each decision that we make can be connected to other decisions.  Of course our days our connected to each other because we cannot escape our bodies or minds, but it is the decisions that connect those days that make it so unique.  Every person in the world can be connected in some way, it might not be as small as five degrees, but eventually we are all connected, just like hypertext.