I must say that this story has me very confused.  Once you get to the end of one part of this CD, you must randomely click on words until you see a lexia that you have not read before.  Im not sure if these are simply a bunch of short stories mixed together, or if they are all connected to the first story; the one about Wert and Peter.  In any case i chose to start at the lexia that is titled "monsters".

At the beginning of this section we hear some very vulgar and descriptive language from Peter.  Once we arrive at this lexia the narrator, who at this point is Nausicaa i believe?  In this lexia we learn about the insecrurities that Peter has as a man, and they misunderstandings he has of normal male behavior.  He is unable to understand why certain men value property, ownership, commerce, and power.  Peters mind simply does not work in that way, that is why he fears Wert, because Wert does think in this way.  Wert is aware of how the world REALLY works, and knows how to make it work for him.  In tnis lexia is the first mention of Dataquest.  Though i know this is some kindof voice automated system that is later learned to attempt to gain information about the injured boy in the car accident, im still very hazy on exactly what it is used for.  For that reason chose to click on this word "Dataquest" to see where it would take me. 

After clicking "Dataquest" i was directed to the page titled "scars".  This page directs us a small writing about a plastic surgeon who could have fitted Lolly’s last "dick biting" victim with a prosthetic penis, i think that is what this page is about.  Instead this unfortunate soul decides to mark himself in ways that will thwart other females from finding him attractive.  Putting what i believe are described as large rings and hooks into his left ear, perhaps im completely off base.  The next word i chose to click on was the word "spinners", as in the types of earings that this unfortunate man has been putting into his ear. 

Clicking on "spinners" directed me to a page titled "Obligations".  In this Lexia it appears as if Lolly is sitting down with a male patient, perhaps this is why it is called obligations, since we have learned that Lolly does not particularly like to deal with men.  She is asking her gentelman patient, or perhaps scolding him, for his prior statements.  She is comparing men with women, in terms of how they understand authentic speech, telling the man that reciting poems will draw attention to what authentic speech should be.  We can see that she is annoyed with this man, but we are still not sure she is capable of biting off his penis.  The next word i click on is "dazzle".

By clicking on "dazzle" I am directed to the page that should have come after "monsters" if i were simply clicking on the Y button.  The new page is "self-destruction".  This page takes us to a random place, a place that talks about the plot of Daughter of Frankenstein.  How Frankenstein comes to live with an old blind man and his daughter.  The daughter treats the monster with kindness, but eventually the villagers hunt him down and murder him. 

Im must say that I am very bewildered at this entire story.  I could not see the connections very well, or what some lexia had to do with the other.  Monsters, Scars, Obligations, Self Destruction, these are the connecting lexia that my four word choices have given me.  How they are related to the title is very difficult for me to say.  Perhaps it refers to Lolly extending her meetings with clients to deep into the afternoon, perhaps after noon is when all the bad things in the story begin to happen, i really have no idea, I just could not get a grasp on this story and i am very frustrated with it.