Lexia to Perplexia & The Bomar Gene

You can’t exactly read Lexia to Perplexia. From previous experience with it in another class called Hypermedia Poetry, I learned the best way is to view the piece is to look at it holistically versus dissecting it. My hypermedia poetry class was basically said this piece is hypermedia taken to the extreme. There is the page "Exe. Termination." Boxes of text overlap each other here. It’s hard to read them. This reflects the title of the piece which is has "perplexia" in it. This section of the piece and the whole thing in general is perplex. The Metastrophe page made me think of the Unabomber because of the use of "Minifesto" in it. Programming languages are blended into the text of the piece. I think it might be html or java.

The Bomar Gene was much less ambiguous more easier to understand. It played on the idea of that everybody has a specific gene that is individual to him or her. I am taking a class right now called Science in the News and we have covered DNA in detail in it. The moving slide on top is made from DNA sheets. Each gene that can be clicked is a marker that is individual to a specific person. There were various genes. "The Laired Numbers of the Dead" gene caused someone’s head who be filled with numbers after the suicide of his neighbor. There was the "Yeh Spirograph Gene" that made someone into a math genius.

I like both of the pieces. There is the use of sound, text, animation, video, and images in The Bomar Gene. Lexia to Perplexia had animation, images, and text in it. It was meant to be perplexing while the Bomar Gene wasn’t. The creator of the Bomar gene I think is almost saying "beware of the use of DNA, cloning etc…. and where we are headed." The multimedia used allowed the readers to experience what it would be like to have the specific genes being described. There was a lady with "The Rosario Match Gene" who liked pictures. There was a matching game with pictures that you could play. It’s hard to get a meaning from Lexia to Perplexia. It often slams it’s readers with a large amount of graphics and text all at once. It can give a reader sensory overload. The graphics and text that overlap each other make it harder to understand than The Bomar Gene. It would take several hours to decipher and attempt to read all the text in it. It was as if the piece was saying "I am hypermedia / hypertext to the extreme and am here to confuse you. Hear me roar! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" If it’s creator’s goal was to do this, he definitely reached his goal.