Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is an organized list of written material relevant to a specific research topic. Each citation in the list is followed by a concise summary of the author’s major points and an evaluation of the source’s strengths, weaknesses, and relevance. Altogether, each annotation should be no more than 3-4 sentences. The citation itself should appear in standard MLA format.

For your Into the Wild annotated bibliography, you will annotate any four of the five sources below (you should have read all but the last two already):

  1. Selections from Matter of Fact: Reading Nonfiction over the Edge by Daniel Lehman (e-reserve)
  2. “The Wild, Wild North: Nature Writing, Nationalist Ecologies, and Alaska” by Susan Kollin (American Literary History 12, Spring-Summer 2000, pp. 41-78)
  3. “I Want To Ride In The Bus Chris Died In” by Sherry Simpson, Anchorage Press, February 7 – February 13, 2002 / Vol. 11, Ed. 6
  4. “Critics in the Wilderness: Literary Theory and the Spiritual Roots in of the American Wilderness Tradition” by David R. Williams (Weber Studies 11:3, Fall 1994, pp. 120-129)
  5. The Unabomber Manifesto

In addition, find and annotate four other sources that bear some relevance to Into the Wild. These sources do not need to directly address Krakauer’s work. They can be more general sources about the wilderness in the American imagination, about exile or solitude, about asceticism and moral purity, about father-son relationships, about the problems of narration and nonfiction writing, and so on. You can include articles on related films (e.g. Grizzly Man, Touching the Void). The sources can also include specific news articles related to Chris McCandless, Alaska, the environment, or some other interdisciplinary aspect that touches upon themes in Krakauer’s book. To find sources, try searching the MLA database, the Arts & Humanities Citation Index, the Expanded Academic ASAP, Factiva, Infotrac, or LexisNexis.

The annotated bibliography is due in class on Thursday, April 27.