Response #2

For Thursday’s class, spend time on the following sites:

  1. Read/explore Jason Nelson’s online work The Bomar Gene (Audio and Flash are required).
  2. Read two “Poems that Go,” also by Jason Nelson: Conversation and Superstitious Appliances
  3. Watch Bust Down the Doors! by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
  4. Experiment with WordCount by Jonathan Harris

After reading all of the sites above, pick the one that intrigues you or puzzles you most. Play/read/explore it thoroughly. Then write a 500-word response, in which you address some of these questions: What is the text “about”? What do you think the online work is trying to say or achieve? Also consider its form, and how the form influences, shapes, or limits your understanding of the work. Use specific, concrete examples (specific images, phrases, etc.) from the work in your response.