Paper 2: “The Dead”

Your second paper for Dimensions of Writing and Literature is a 5 page critical essay on some aspect of James Joyce’s short story “The Dead.” Your essay should be original, insightful, well-argued and well-written.

With this essay you must assume a critical stance toward the text, reading the story through a psychoanalytical, new historicist, feminist, or deconstructionist lens. You must use at least two outside sources for this essay. One source should be one of the critical essays in the Schwarz edition of “The Dead.” The other source must come from a book or journal that directly or indirectly discusses “The Dead” or issues related to the themes of the story. At the end of each section in Schwarz there is a bibliography of possible sources. You may also find relevant sources through the MLA International Bibliography database. You may not use websites as sources (although you may use online versions of academic journals that you find through the Mason library website, i.e. through Project Muse or Jstor).

You can use these two sources in a number of ways. You can build off their ideas (but not merely replicate them). You can argue with their ideas. You can use them to support your own arguments. You can even set the two sources against each other and use your paper to negotiate the differences between them.

The rough draft of this essay is due in class on Tuesday, March 21st. The essay must be at least 5 pages long, not including the required Works Cited page (formatted to MLA standards).