Lexia and Bomar

      Lexia to perplexia is very preplexing.  The work was created by using fragments of written, book bound text about hypertext, or computer language, then coupled with images and links to form different lexia.  Other than trying to confuse the readers of this peice, i feel the author is attempting to demonstrate the vast opportunities that cyber lexia have over paper pages.  The author often takes normal words, such as exe.stream to form words, making the pharses look like computer language.  The use of connecting lines and tiangles seems to represent the connections that the lexia form, demonstrating the accessabliity prowise that the internet has over books, but also the confusion that unorganized hypertext can create.
       The Bomer Gene experiment is great.  It tells us that each of us possesses a gene in which nobody else has.  These genes, though rarely recognized adn utilized can help people to create works that nobody else has ever imagined, they help us to make our mark on the world.  Some however never get realized becuase of sudden death at birth, or simply because they are useless.  This site explores many individuals that have, or have not fully explored their Bomer Genes.  Each lexia attempts to describe what each person has realized about their own abilities.  The entire project itself is almost the authors realization of his own Bomer Gene.  The messages at the bottom of the screen are random phrases, phrases that most likely nobody else has ever said before.  They demonstrate that even the simplest originality can be considered utilizing your Bomer Gene, which in the end turns out to be your individual personality as a whole.
       Both sites use images, moving and changing multimedia, and lexia to create their sites.  Each has differnt buttons to press, each that result in differnt actions.  I think each points out that the turning of a page is soon becoming useless in our lives.  That soon all reading will adn explanations could be done with the clikc of a mouse.  But I think by comparing them, we can see that the time for that to happen is far off, complexity may get into the way for now, as in the case of Lexia to Perplexia, or complexity can aid in understanding, as in the Bomer Gene. They each challenge meaning in their own different ways.  Lexia to Perplexia challenges meaning by completely destroying it as far as i can see.  The Bomer Gene challenges the meaning of what exactly is unique by pointing out that anything original, any sequence of images or words never seen before is representative of the Bomer Gene.